Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This Is How You Do It

Idiots like Blagojevich need to wise up and be more like Michael Phelps.

So I decided to set an example myself. Own up to your mistakes. Take credit. Then move forward.

When you attempt to duck something, it hangs over your head. People will come after you for it. But the moment you apologize and take responsibility, people really can't criticize you anymore. What is left to say? They want to point out you screwed up? Tell 'em, yes, I screwed up.

It silences your critics amazingly well.

As for my boy Phelps, he did absolutely nothing but eat, sleep and swim for 8 years. He didn't even have a girlfriend, just a pet dog. He made history and came through despite near-impossible expectations. He deserves a break, and a chance to celebrate. So at the ripe age of 23, as a new-found millionaire celebrity, he went to a party, someone handed him a bong, and he made like McConaughey and took a hit.

This isn't a guy who was caught buying the drugs to feed a steady habit. He volunteered for extra drug testing during his Olympics run. And unlike Billy-Boy, he didn't change his story, and then claim he never inhaled.

Despite his age, Phelps had the good sense to admit his mistake. I hope Washington takes notice.

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