Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gunning for Palin

Palin showing off her "guns"
I somewhat covered this ground the other day with Limbaugh, but I'm really not worried about this speculation of a Palin/Perry ticket in 2012. I think the United States just sent a very clear message in November. That message was not that we want a more conservative government. So if Palin is organizing a new website, and backing a guy who may not even have a job next year as her big political partner, I feel giddy about the 2012 election.

Am I even going to have to get out of bed for that election? I can easily hit the snooze button and let SNL handle that campaign for me.

But please, lets act like decent human beings here. I have no qualms with Palin photoshops, or SNL parodies, but I draw a line when people attempt to burn down her church.

At the same time I'm reading news articles about Jimmy Carter down in Birmingham, Alabama trying to reconcile racial differences in a church bombed by the Ku Klux Klan in 1963, I read how Palin's church is just now reopening because some idiots tried to burn it down.

Having recently watched The Patriot on BluRay, I can't but help think of the church burning scene (about five minutes into the embedded clip here). I know some of you disagree with Sarah Palin's politics. You don't like her fundamentalist ways. But I will never endorse anyone burning down a church, especially by people who feel they are supporting the Liberal cause.

Unless of course, we're talking about the Westboro Baptist Church. Then I might just have to look the other way.

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