Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The New Centrist

I just read Ann Althouse's post, about Dahlia Lithwick's comments about how I'm going to nominate judges. Commenting on other's comments about another's comments can be seen as needless chatter in the blogosphere and entirely too meta, however given that the whole discussion is about my policies, I figure I'd throw in some direct insight.

Lithwick seems to believe that liberal American wants a loud, vocal and visible liberal presence on the Supreme Court, and that given that I'm a moderate centrist, I will be unlikely to appoint one. First off, I'm not sure anyone in America is clamoring for loud Supreme Court justices, thought my Wikipedia vandalism of Roberts may give some that impression. Justices shouldn't legislate from the bench, nor should they have extremely visible political bias. Instead of trying to even out bias with opposing, or worse yet, majority bias, how about we try to look for objective judges who will do their best to preserve the spirit and sanctity of the Constitution instead of pushing partisan agenda?

I know, clearly a ridiculous proposition.

Althouse misses the point entirely and decides to focus on minutia and labels. She spins partisan bias ensisting that now all liberals are seen as moderates, and conservatives as extremes. When your conservatives are Sarah Palin, then perhaps people might get that impression. She also mocks the notion that I'm a moderate centrist, despite the fact I've reached across the aisle in nominating cabinet members.

This is what I really wanted to clarify.

I'm the center of the universe, and thusly a centrist. The new political model is no longer a representation of traditional social and financial extremes, and where you fall along those axis, but rather your distance from my perfect policies.

Apparently she didn't get the memo.

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