Thursday, February 5, 2009

Justice Ginsberg

Justice Ruth Ginsburg had surgery today to treat pancreatic cancer. As a loyal liberal judge on the Supreme Court, I want to thank her for her many years of service, not only to the country, but to liberal politics.

I am very grateful that this came up after the inauguration. If this surgery had been performed a few months ago, there might have been a push to replace her while Bush still had power to nominate a justice. Many feel that the seat must be filled by another woman, especially since Justice O'Connor retired. Then we'd have to waste time explaining to Bush we can't appoint that chick from Legally Blonde. She may be patriotic and spunky, but she is also fictional, like his supporters.

And though Ginsberg already fought cancer once successfully while serving in the SCOTUS in 1999, she is now 75 years old. I think the time has come for her to think of herself, and her health. I promise to fill her seat with someone else that will carry on her legacy of excellent service, liberal policies, respect for civil rights and devotion to country. By that I mean I will likely just recycle someone else from the Clinton administration.

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