Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Excited for America

We've been so mired in negativity in this country for the past couple of years that it is hard for some to be excited about our future. Sure the economy is down. People are losing their jobs. And thus far, most of our bailout packages have allowed rich execs to pocket massive bonuses for running companies into the ground.

That being said, if we're smart, maybe we'll take some of this bailout money and invest in infrastructure. We'll spend money to create jobs and build for the future.

Right now the New York Yankees are lying to Congress about property values and milking city, state and federal taxes so they can build a new mammoth stadium (at the same time that the New York Mets are also building a mammoth stadium with tax dollars). A big part of the reason the stadium is so expensive, is that it must be fitted with amenities so that rich luxury box holders are taken care of. Sure the organization is rich and could foot the bill, or ask rich luxury box holders to foot the bill, but that is what your tax dollars are for, even though most of you will never have the wealth to sniff the air in one of those luxury boxes.
Due to the economic crisis, luxury
boxes will only have 14k toilets.
However, this isn't all bad. Local businesses will be able to hold conventions in the stadium. Concerts will go there. And last time I checked, they will even play baseball there. The New York Yankees, for all their evil, are a global brand, and they make money. And frankly, this has got me thinking.

The Olympic Committee has said that by electing me (who doesn't love me?) they are certainly more open to having the Olympics in my home town in 2016. The United States also has a bid to host the 2018 World Cup. Can you imagine hosting these two events back-to-back?

These bids will not only bring revenue into the country, but will raise global perception of the country and foster goodwill with the rest of the world.

And to make these bids happen, we must willing to spend money to refurbish stadiums, boost public transportation, clean up cities, and improve infrastructure. All of these things would mean creating jobs for Americans.

Perhaps most importantly, it would create excitement. Warren Buffet said once that fear of a recession is the number one cause of recession. And while we have legitimate economic problems that need to be addressed, we also have a psychological problem as well.

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