Thursday, January 22, 2009

Secretary of State

Some have suggested to me that Hillary may not be the best choice for Secretary of State. Some feel that this was a move on my behalf to befriend Hillary, and remove a potential threat of a woman who may attempt to run against me as an incumbent in 2012.

Some have suggested that Condoleezza Rice wasn't a very good choice for Secretary of State either, because foreign leaders from fundamentalist backgrounds may not listen to or respect a woman in negotiations.

I'm not worried about that sort of thing. I don't expect anyone to confuse Hillary with a woman.


  1. yes! hilary is such a man.

    in related news, you should update more, mr. fake-president.

  2. Traci, you are entirely too correct. My BlackBerry was malfunctioning (the actual author's computer died) but I promise to add at least 30 pieces of content this month.

    That is a blog that America can believe in.


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