Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Beautiful Day

Truly a beautiful day

Truly a beautiful day

Is there a more perfect song for today than U2's Beautiful Day?

There are critics and pedants who want to criticize me. They blast me for small flubs. They insist that only 43 Americans have taken the presidential oath before me. So I said 44. Maybe the 44th president before me was a secret president from one of the other 57 states.

How often do you trip over a figure of speech? I have a microphone in my face 14 hours a day and have the compounded pressure of knowing that my flubs will be blown up for everyone to see, and even worse, the slightest verbal misstep can be taken as policy. Its pedantic and silly. Excuse me, it's pedantic and silly.

Today I stood before a record inauguration crowd today of Americans, united, chanting my name.

Consider for just a moment my shoes. Place yourself in them. Is this an experience that you can easily relate to? How many people in the world get to have a live audience of that size chanting your name?

There is a tangible vibe when people gather together in a common cause, for whatever reason. You can feel everything that they feel. You feed off that emotion and in turn drive the crowd even more crazy. The excitement is easily far more than the sum of its parts. (Pedants, take note I do understand the correct usage of its and it's).

For eight years, it wasn't simply that the country had to endure an unpopular president. The county has been divided into red and blue camps. Today I felt unity. Today I felt American.

How about you?

It's a beautiful day.

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